Pregnancy Counseling


What’s best for you and what’s best for your child – those are our priorities as we help you face the difficult decisions and formidable challenges associated with an unplanned pregnancy. Our goal is to assist you in establishing a safe and secure plan for you and your child.

If you’re facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy, choosing whether to parent or place your child with an adoptive family may be the toughest decision you’ll ever have to make. But we’re here for you, offering unconditional support regardless of which path you choose.

At no cost to you, members of caring, compassionate staff will help you understand your options. We’ll offer you knowledge and experience, but you’ll make your own decisions.

We are committed to assisting you whether you choose a parenting plan or an adoption plan. Should you choose adoption, we are committed to finding the best possible adoptive families for infants whose birth parents have chosen adoption. Placing a child with an adoptive family is a very responsible option that brings immeasurable joy to couples who are unable to build their families due to infertility. Each couple approved as potential adoptive parents by Catholic Charities has been carefully screened through an extensive home study. Adoptive families also undergo comprehensive training and our supervision continues beyond placement.

Catholic Charities offers expertise and understanding as we provide assistance that’s sensitive to your individual needs. And we make no judgments. If you don’t wish to take advantage of our pregnancy counseling services, but choose adoption, we can still coordinate and assist in placing your child with an adoptive family. Again, you make your own choices. In fact, your final decision isn’t made until after your baby is born. And no matter what that decision is, we’re here for you, offering our unwavering support. And, no, you don’t have to be Catholic to use our adoption services; they are open to everyone regardless of faith or background.


  • Free, confidential pregnancy counseling
  • Support in speaking with family members
  • Selecting an adoptive family
  • Hospital support
  • Post-adoption counseling and support


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  • Parenting
  • Kinship Care